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What are the pros and cons of plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are fast becoming one of the most popular options for homeowners looking to add a little style and privacy to their windows. But what are the pros and cons of adding plantation shutters to your home? Are they definitely a better option than having blinds or curtains, for example? Let’s take a closer look at how they can benefit you, whilst paying close attention to any downsides that might influence your final decision. 

The benefits of having plantation shutters installed in your home 

There are a number of positive reasons why people are choosing to install plantation shutters in their homes. These are the most popular advantages of shutters over standard blinds: 

1 – Shutters are a feature 

Regular blinds are a means to cover your windows, plantation shutters on the other hand are a feature! You see, plantation shutters can make your home look more inviting with their timeless show-home appearance. 

Whether you opt for the classic white, a rustic wood-stained appearance, or even a contemporary shade of grey, there is no denying plantation shutters and their irrefutably stylish charm. 

Shutters will enhance the aesthetic of your home, both inside and out. In fact, you’ll find that many guests visiting your home will comment on their charming appearance. 

Be the envy of your neighbours with some amazing plantation shutters! 

2 – Shutters are nice and easy to maintain 

Another huge advantage is just how easy plantation shutters are to maintain. They provide a practical light-control solution, whilst asking for very little from you in return. 

No more wasting time trying to dust in between the cracks of your blinds! With plantation shutters, they can be kept clean with a quick and easy wipe down with a wet cloth. 

In addition to that, unlike curtains, plantation shutters are more durable and will not retain any unwanted odours from smoke or pets. 

3 – Shutters provide more effective temperature control 

One of the biggest advantages of having plantation shutters installed in your home is the fact that they provide far more effective insulation than regular blinds. To make the most out of the heat that comes from the sun, the plantation shutter slats (or louvers if you want to get all fancy), can be tilted fully open. This allows the natural heat to come through your window. On the other hand, when the weather is cold, when left shut, you can retain the heat in your home much more effectively. 

4 – Better light control and increased privacy 

Another great benefit of having plantation shutters installed in your home is the fact that you can control the amount of natural light coming into your home, whilst maintaining higher levels of privacy. The shutter slats can be slanted at specific angles, allowing light in, whilst making it difficult for peeping toms to sneak a peek whilst you’re prancing about the house in your birthday suit. 

5 – Plantation shutters add value to your home and increase ‘buyability’ 

Plantation shutters are aesthetically stunning and highly durable, making them attractive to potential home buyers. Not only that, but they can actually add more value to your home if in the event that you decide to sell up and move on. 

Wood VS Vinyl plantation shutters 

If you are sold on the idea of having plantation shutters installed in your home, the next step is to figure out which material to choose. To make the decision a little easier for you, we’re going to look at and compare the various materials available. 

  • Vinyl shutters are an increasingly popular choice due to the fact that they provide a much more cost-effective solution. Not only do they withstand moisture more effectively, but they are a relatively attractive choice as well. 
  • Vinyl shutters also make an excellent material choice for rooms with more moisture, such as a bathroom or even the kitchen. 
  • Traditional plantation shutters are wooden, which is why most people tend to prefer this option. Wood has a much more natural appearance and adds a superior aesthetic appearance to your home. That said, wood is a much more expensive material than vinyl. 

Wood VS Faux Wood plantation shutters 

Of course, if you love the wood material style but you need a less expensive alternative then there are some stunning faux (a fancy way of saying fake) wood options. These shutters are made up using a synthetic material that gives off the appearance of wood. Faux wood is less expensive and less durable, however, they really do make an excellent alternative for those who may be working to a budget. 

The pros and cons of plantation shutters

Here’s a quick summary of the pros VS cons of having plantation shutters installed in your home: 


  • An attractive feature 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent temperature control 
  • Manipulate light stream more effectively 
  • Add value to your home
  • Superior durability 
  • A variety of style options


  • They do not completely block out the light (or certainly not as effectively as black-out curtains)
  • Shutters aren’t easy to change or swap out after installation (though you likely would never want to) 
  • They can be more expensive than other options 
  • They’re difficult to fit by yourself 
  • They cannot be raised fully 


All in all, you really cannot go wrong with plantation shutters. Sure, there are a few minor drawbacks, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. And given that there are such a wide variety of materials to choose from, plantation shutters are available to people of all tastes and budgets. If you’d like to find out more about the various material and cost options for shutters in your area, why not check out Perth’s Boutique Plantation Shutters for some inspiration?